Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Black Tuesday

Hi, Duckie

This is Cass, Drake's little sister, hijacking the keys for a few minutes... he's busy getting ready for work (ewww). He's kinda telling me what to type, but I usually don't listen very well... you know... he's my brother, hello?... like what does he know... sheesh.

So I've noticed something funny about Drake. I don't even think he does it on purpose, but... every Tuesday? Black... black everything. I bet his cup at work is even black, but I wouldn't know... never been there to see it. Picks up his bag... black... CD case... yup, black. Only thing not black is the ... whatever that is... in the box from the freezer for lunch. Big whoop... it's a box... might as well be black.

His girlfriend, Mari? She's a dancer... like really pretty, blonde and everything, super hyper and happy a lot... sad a lot, too cuz she misses her family, but she's not the all-black type. I don't know how or why she puts up with that. I mean, he looks nice in it and all... he even dyed his hair once. It looked really nice, but it wasn't him. He's like me... mousy brown. He's kinda cute... for a brother... but he's got a nice smile that wins him dates a lot. Well it did... not saying, but I bet he asks her to marry him soon. He's all in the l-o-v-e... it's really funny to watch.

*looks up at bangs and sighs*... I hate my hair. I'd shave it off but Dad would kill me. He might anyway. You know that school thing D mentioned in that last post? I go there, too. See, he didn't mention... we both have this thing... not like Pete, or Gerald... or whatever Elias has... Elias.. he's the cadet and Gerald's the horse guy... man he's cute. Anyway... D and me, we have this knack with water. Can make it do all kinds of stuff. He can anyway, but I'm just kind of a klutz with it still. It's all mom's fault... 'Swan"... "Drake"... and me... my middle name is "Tempest"... yeah... like moody and break things? Yup. I don't do it on purpose, it just happens. Duckie's trying to help me, though and I've learned a lot in the last year.

Oh yeah, Dad. I forgot. See, Dad's this big not-hip-on-mutants kinda guy. Mom and uncle Jason? They're coming out here to live cuz Dad's being a really big ass... can I say that? Oo.. Duckie will get mad, but I don't care.. that's what he is. He kicked Ducks out when he was 13... 13!!! Made him go to boarding school clear across the country so he wouldn't embarrass the family with the water-power-gift thing. Told him he couldn't come home... like ever... unless it went away. Well, it didn't go away and things got worse, cuz I got it too and he tried to do the same thing to me, but he was going to send me to France. France! Like Europe! That would have been cool, but I don't wanna be that far away from mom or Ducks. I wrote Drake a lot of letters and cried a lot, too. He and his friend Tyler? They came out to get me, can you believe it? They came all the way out and brought me back to go to school with them. Tyler's like a big brother to us. He's really funny.. and he's cute too. And strong. He doesn't look it... kinda like a big teddy bear, you know? He just a lot of fun and he and Drake are like two of a kind. That freaks me out, but I still think it's cool.

But Dad? So not cool. And mom said he's running for Congress and wants to stop mutants and 'fix them'... but there's nothing to fix. We are what we are, like Duckie says. It's like all those scary movies about the Old South or the Inquisition, he says. One more minority to be treated badly in the anals of history... he can sound really smart when he wants to, by the way. He's an actor and stuff. He plays piano really, really well and writes music.. he even wrote a musical last year and got it published already. Well, Uncle Jason helped, but he didn't need to do a lot cuz it was good. It's funny, too. Dad doesn't get it though. He grumps around the house about Drake not being practical and learning a proper education or whatever, but Duckie's really good at what he does. I bet he makes more money that Dad does someday.

Ooh, I better stop, cuz Duckie's gonna read this and get all freaked out on me. He's super self-conscious and gets really moody sometimes about weird stuff. He's also really hyper and goes like days without sleeping sometimes. That scares me cuz he thinks up all kinds of stuff when he does that. He writes stories, too. He told me he used to write stories in Latin class... in Latin... did I tell you he can be really smart? He acts like such a big goof ball all the time though.

Okay, that's enough from me cuz he's coming back to get his shoes and take me to class. God, I hate school, but at least I'm learning neat stuff cuz of the water thing and there's all these other mutants... Oh!... and Tim! My friend Tim came out to go to school here, too. He's super smart.. smarter than Duckie even and he's only 15. He gets to take a year off to go wherever he wants or start college early. He came out here to be near me and Drake cuz our families are friends and stuff. He's got a thing too, and the goober never told me! He talks to ghosts and stuff.. how cool is that?! His birthday is even on Halloween. It's funny too, cuz we're all from like 'witch' country... well Cambridge, but still. It's Massachusetts and all, so that counts, right? Okay, well really gotta go cuz he's starting to read over my shoulder now and I can't type when he does that.

*mwuah*... kisses and hugs...