Sunday, August 15, 2004

still waiting

Alright... it's been a little over an hour *checks watch and taps foot in agitation*

You know, the narrative voice in my head would be great if it weren't so FICKLE... you hear that? *yells at brain* How effective is that... yelling in one's own brain to make it listen and behave? It doesn't work... well most of the time. Something's here trying to talk and maybe I'll let it... maybe..

Grand... what do you mean mice? MICE! There're mice running around in my head now... calling themselves Pickles and Cheese. They've been there a while really, but they're really up there now and wanting to play. Apparently they're bemoaning the demise of the Pinky and the Brain shows... woe is me to have stupid fragging mice in my noggin.

((again with the backspace key as I backup and fill in the words and letters that seem to randomly drop with frequency and precision, not that you'd notice since I've gone back to fill them in already. I have a theory that we could feasibly drop every third word when we type these things out.. they'd still make as much sense and would still be readily ignored along with the 72 bazillion other blogs out there of all the people we don't know.... but I digress... as I often do...))

So, mice it is, huh? Did you know mice gallop? They're pretty fraggin' loud when they want to be, man. I thought they were just annoying, chewing away at the support beams, but we're talking like.. I dunno.. headbanger mice here... doing their best Axl at the moment. Grand... no wonder I have a headache.

Over on the other window, I have a beautiful RP going of two handsomely naughty school boys boffing each other and trying not to get caught. The other writer had a rotten day at work so... this is how we relax... 'and the personas of the day are?...' Well, it's not Drake, so he dun care. Drake's got Mari and that's a whole n'other blog for another time (and again with the backspace as I find all sorts of typos... whee... like I really care.)

Anyway, no it's not Drake, but one of his school buddies, Pete. Welcome to mutant central where everyone's got a power or ability or something... well Pete's my snake boy. Right now, while snake boy's lovely pet has graduated and has joined the nine-to-five world (um.. Pete's 17 and still in school.. his naughty boy toy is flirting with arrest, being over 21... but works for the PD now... go figure... and yes these are FICTION.. thank you... read the side bar... all of these voices are fictional characters)... he's entertaining a real stud.... as in an equine feral... the boy he's tugging turns into a horse, okay? You with me now? Snake.. horse... bi.. both of them... happy... hoooo boy, are they ever... and no one's told the cadet yet. That should be interesting.

Meanwhile, same said snake boy is entertaining, at another point in time, a favored friend of his and the cadet, taking her for a swim. She's a fish girl... who bears a striking resemblance to Buffy... which I find really amusing since that chic is about as cold to me as the sightless bass in the case at the market... fish.. cold... blah... nothing there, but my character likes her, so go fig.... again. I just write what they tell me... it's not my feelings and emotions and vices and crank turners.. it's theirs.... I'll get into what the real me likes at another time..

when that damned voice comes back... *sigh*...