Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hahah... okay, so I can't count. It appears my last post was only a draft I deleted soooo it's actually been -4- years since I really posted until this week. All the more reason I need to keep up on this thing, even if I'm putting up drivel. It's a habit... it's supposed to be a good habit. I could debate that too, but the point is more that I ... do something... something that's escaped my grasp for any witty, or not-so-witty, explanation at the moment. Explanation - I'm not even sure that's the word I wanted right now. Tired - that's definitely among the current top ten of ones that do fit. I'm up nearly 3 hours past my bedtime, watching the dogs bounce around the room. Maybe I'll curl up on their cushion and let them type a while instead. I'm sure it would make as much sense. G'Night.