Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tiny bubbles...

...not the carbonated beverage variety, but bubbles instead of numbers! I added a cute little counter today that goes nicely with the layout and isn't distracting with large numerals. This is good because I tend to obsess over watching as they change - or don't change, which may be a worse affliction. I'll still look, but it's different with graphics than numbers somehow.

I also put a gadget at the very bottom of the page that shows different pictures of the moon which I think is pretty darn spiffy... not to mention relaxing and inspiring on many levels. Hahah, now you're going to scroll down and look! I hope... hm.

I'm listening to coverage of the democratic convention in the background and realizing that politics... moreso the media's currently senseless pandering... gives me a headache. I could... and probably will... spout flames about my thoughts on this election year, but not tonight. I'm in Colorado, not quite at 'ground zero' for the convention happenings, and for right now I will say that things are not normal around here. Of course they're not. I mean we don't have a national campaign convention every year, but it's more than that - much. I don't have much oomph to put stuff here about it all tonight, but felt compelled to type something -anything- before going to bed. Wow, wasn't that exciting? I bet you're curious now, huh? Well, you'll have to wait.