Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The wyrm turns

Now it has been nearly two years since I set fingers to keys on this board. What has happened? What has changed?

First things first, I've decided Tripp is so much a part of my role-playing world - now comprising no less than twenty variations on a theme, in a variety of genres - that he, I - we? - needed to change my screenname to reflect the fact that he is gatekeeper of my muses, where Kyte is merely the caretaker of his humble abode in the walls of my imagination. Grand it is, too, that they get along so well - so long as he keeps the wet towels off the bed!

That being said, my screenname is now shown as Tripp, my main alter-ego who has more than enough ego on his own for the both of us. He would be said 'wyrm' referenced in my title tonight - dastardly bastich he is. He says I needed incentive to actually throw all these random thoughts somewhere - that IS what a blog is for, is it not? Leave it to friends to help calculate further levels of my downfall by providing more incentive along with his not-so-gentle push and showing me pretty, lacey, drapey layouts that scream - come write NOW! The layout, along with my persona, has been updated and I must say I want to come visit and write and wander about among the lines and loops of the background. Thank you Lovely for your hard work!! I need to bestow much love on her for her work and will kindly do so on her page, too!

It is late. I am tired. I am running out of curious things to add at this time. That I did add something is at very least a start. With luck, I will return much sooner this time to add more and keep this thing ticking along interestingly with far more regularity.